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About Paul

Paul’s life as a child suffering from abuse, alcoholism and attemptive suicide to a successful, positive and inspirational man with a powerful message to share is at the heart of his coaching methods.

He knows that others can achieve their potential- despite their circumstances- because he’s done it himself! His honest, real and grounded approach focused on achieving clarity around YOUR identity, YOUR awareness and YOUR purpose is what helps Paul engage with any audience and change lives for the better.


Ever feel that 'something must be wrong with me?'
You're not alone.

Learn how to identify specific parts of  “the self-destruction” puzzle that contributes to these feelings, and how to conquer them!

Video Course

Transformational tools, strategies and techniques to expand your awareness, access your inner power and start ‘Mastering The Game of Life’.


My Podcast

Discover more wisdom secrets, by listening to influencers share their inspirational stories and powerful messages of transformation.


My Video Blog

Maybe the answer is far more simpler than what we may initially perceive! My blogs are intended to act as vital stepping stones towards experiencing a happy life…


From My Video Blog

Stuck in a pattern of negative self-talk or mind chatter? Paul's transformational coaching will provide you with the insights and power to create a mind-set for success.

Feeling Directionless? Anxious? Frustrated? Stressed or Overwhelmed?

I will provide you with transformational strategies and techniques to help you become more self-aware and able harness your inner power. This will enable you to define and successfully achieve your goal(s), as well as live a truly purposeful life of prosperity and freedom