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Even in the most seemingly perfect couples’ relationships, you can bet your bottom dollar that harmony has been built on the rock-solid foundations of good old-fashioned things like open-and-honest communication; as well as being able to discuss money.

The internet is awash with stats that heavily reinforce the fact that couples’ making the mistake of not discussing money is a sure-fire way to introduce doubt, dis-trust, separation, and ultimately divorce.

So let’s adopt a more practical focus now and offer 10 reasons why it’s important to discuss money in a relationship:

  1. Happiness: Although it may initially be deemed unromantic, dealing with financial issue(s), can certainly help alleviate relationship-threatening challenges
  2. Trust: Being totally transparent about such a key issue like money, eradicates any doubts about partners’ possible hidden financial agendas
  3. Communication: If you can’t talk as a couple, there is no relationship – if you can overcome the big ‘money talk’ hurdle, collective confidence can only grow
  4. Goal-setting: Surely part-and-parcel of being in a healthy, mutually-beneficial relationship, is about making financial plans for individual & collective growth
  5. Surprises: These could be good or bad; either way, be prepared to endure the financial uncertainty together
  6. Single or Joint: Whether couples choose to manage their finances separately or together, is not the issue – there simply needs to be agreement
  7. Emotional: Like it or not, the topic is usually very emotional – even for people that state ‘money doesn’t matter’ – so be aware of its potential for fall-out!
  8. Accountability: To have someone that might – just might – stop you over-spending; thereby keeping you in-line
  9. Teaching: The best way to learn is to teach (Covey). Sharing your knowledge around money, can only help the partnership
  10. Security: It helps each other to feel secure in the relationship; knowing that both parties are being considered – not just one

Just by way of a humorous conclusion, if ever your partner asks you…

‘Would you put money on us staying together?’ why not simply respond…

‘So long as we could discuss the finances first’!

Want to discuss with me? I’m here to help… Paul@Paul-Lowe.com