About Paul

I had a tough and violent upbringing...I pushed through and defied the odds – if l can do it, you can too


The Early Years

The early, foundation years of Paul’s life, were forged from a dark, desperate baptism of fire, that included from abuse, cruelty, neglect, alcoholism and attempted suicide; eventually emerging to become a successful, positive and inspirational man with a powerful message to share… this is at the heart of his coaching methods.

He knows that others can achieve their true, full potential – despite their circumstances – because he’s done it himself! His honest, real and grounded approach focused on achieving clarity around YOUR awareness, YOUR identity, and YOUR purpose is what helps Paul engage with any audience and change lives for the better…

Moving Into Adulthood

As he transitioned into adulthood, the legacy of Paul’s formative years was not good! Conditioned by dark, desperate and extremely destructive limiting beliefs, led to him self-sabotaging with deep-rooted deservedness issues, and compounded by consistent phases of self-hate and depression

However, it wasn’t all darkness and despair. Paul realized at a very early age, the importance of two vital considerations in life…love and contribution – to ourselves and others – and this became the catalyst for his many personal achievements, as well as significantly supporting many charitable & community initiatives.

Paul Today

The Paul of today is a completely different proposition from the awareness, identity and purpose, he reflected for many dark decades. He spends most of his time in his beloved Spain, whilst occasionally returning to his native UK. His contributions to making a difference in people’s lives, globally – is fuelled by his own commitment to be the very best he can be.

His many books are also based on inspiring people to lead purposeful, prosperous lives; as is his ‘World Game-Changers’ podcast. Charitably, Paul is the founder of World Game-Changers (Community Interest Company); an organisation that aspires through life-enhancing projects, to take compassionate and preserving action for our beautiful flora & fauna, and amazing humanity…