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Every life is a journey – and I suspect that mine has been bumpier than most…

It began in childhood when my mother re-married.  That hopeful act brought into our home a man who subjected us to random acts of abuse, neglect, mental cruelty and ultimately, sickening physical violence.

Perhaps not surprisingly, my mother was a secret drinker.  By the age of 12, I was regularly helping myself to tots from her stashes of sherry and whisky – I became addicted!

In March 1974 – after the realisation that the demon drink wasn’t numbing my physical, mental and emotional pain – I attempted suicide.  This proved to be futile – the universe clearly had other plans for me.

A transformation had begun and I had a significant breakthrough in 1991, when I embarked upon a one-year college Access Course.  This kick-started an 11-year journey of academic and vocational learning which gave me the confidence to want to give my heart to charitable work

Picture your life as a puzzle.  As time passes you fit more pieces together to complete the picture, like a jigsaw.  Imagine that the pieces of my jigsaw had created a completely different picture.  How would things have turned out if…

  • I hadn’t attempted to end things in 1974.  Would I have made a vow to never flee again or become a victim?  Would I have committed to a lifetime journey of Learning?
  • I hadn’t made the decision in 1991 to take another significant step on my learning voyage; now discovering self-awareness and the importance of Loving?
  • I hadn’t formed the Sporting HEARTS charity in 2010 and latterly HEARTS Global – positively affecting thousands of people’s lives and contributing to leave a world-wide Legacy?

The past cannot be changed.  But it contains some very colourful pieces that can be used to create a new – more empowering – picture for you.

Interesting how life’s experiences significantly contribute to shaping our values, and how these can then serve us towards becoming the best we can be; enabling us to become the change we want to see in the world.

Three simple – but all-powerful – values have become the inspirational foundation for the work I now do, using my experiences to give others new direction in their own journeys…

Learning | Loving | Legacy

Begs the question, what do you truly value – let me know – I’d love to hear from you…