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‘I want it all – I want it now!’ Maybe these words naturally draw us to a line from one of the world-renowned Queen band’s well-known songs?

Or maybe it’s more personal than that; it’s more about us actually wanting everything, and really wanting it now? Certainly today’s modern-day retail culture is massively geared towards ‘buy-now-pay-later’.

So aside from buying – and focusing on something far more important – what stops us having it all? To be more specific, what stops us having a life of health, wealth & happiness?

Maybe the answer lies in a simple 6-letter word… BELIEF!

Generally we create beliefs, thoughts, words, habits, values & results (Gandhi) that are based on a lack mentality – and not being grateful for what we already have – rather than embracing the reality of ‘Yes, I can have it all now!’

Maybe the reality is we already do have it now, but don’t have the necessary awareness – and gratitude – to fully appreciate it?

Maybe that’s why today’s ‘retail therapy’ has become so powerful; it provides short-term instant gratification – without actually digging down and tackling our destructive, limiting beliefs…essentially, we paper over the cracks!

So how do we peel back the fear-based layers of lack, and unfold a far more powerful version of ourselves? One that gratefully enables us to enjoy a life influenced by a trio of health, wealth & happiness?

What if our belief was such that this life-changing trio of words can actually be replaced – and be defined – by one simple word…prosperity?

Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune or social status. It often encompasses wealth; but also includes other factors, such as health, happiness, and relationships.

Maybe a good time for you to start a gratitude journal; listing three things every day that you’re truly grateful for – prosperity might be one of them?

What do YOU believe – what do YOU think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts – reach out to me at… Paul@Paul-Lowe.com