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In reflecting upon past decades of darkness and depression in my life, I recall how I constantly dwelled in a state of victimhood; everything that went wrong, was always my fault – or so I perceived.

The demon drink was my temporary escape and ‘solution’ to a downward spiral of constant self-hate and destruction.  Of course the reality was, there was no escape – I was a prisoner in my own mind!

Isn’t it true that we all – from time to time – at least flirt with victimhood; allowing that self-doubt to creep into the vulnerable moments in our life and ask ourselves… ‘Why is it always me?’

What I have come to know, is it’s all down to our perception about what’s actually happening; it’s a question of our own beliefs, and how playing the victim can actually provide significance for us, when we feel worthless.

I know this was part of my own existence for many desperate years, before I finally decided enough was enough and I would start to take responsibility for what was happening in my own life.

We all have choices to make, and no matter how challenging life gets, it’s vitally important for us to preserve our own power and become a victim to external influences; it’s a matter of emerging the victor – not the victim!

So if you’re undergoing a particularly testing phase of life – feeling like you’re stuck and devoid of inspiration – reach out…I know I can help!