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For each and every one of us, life has its totally unique way of presenting us with our own individual challenges; some of which we may really struggle with, because we see them as impossible to overcome. At the time – as we become totally immersed in whatever the issue may be – isn’t it true that we can often feel like we are at the bottom of a big dark hole, with no obvious way to escape…we feel trapped?


Deeper Dive:

The current Coronavirus pandemic seems to have the world in its fearful vice-like clutches, strengthening its grip as the days come and go. The world media inform us that globally, health authorities are working around the clock to find a cure.

Isn’t it also true though – that very often – we find a solution within us, after searching endless possibilities, outside of ourselves? Now I’m not saying that I personally have a remedy for something that is spreading like a wildfire.

What I am stating though, is we all absolutely have a choice about how we let it affect us. Other than the physical symptoms – including death – that continue to take their toll, we can control the knock-on effects to ourselves, and others.

All things eventually pass, and this is no different, but not before leaving in its wake, many destructive consequences. Our responsibility – individually and collectively – is to not give in to this latest worldwide significant challenge, and meet it head-on!

The Learning

From this, two massive questions emerge: ‘Why should we meet it head-on, and how do we do that?’

In addressing the first question – why? – it’s vital that we embrace any new uncertainty in our lives, with the courage and faith to accept that we will not be bullied by fear; we will not become victims, because of Coronavirus or anything else.

Finally, in tackling the real big one – how? – it’s a choice of becoming increasingly aware of the major part fear plays in all our lives, and not letting it dominate. Self-observation is absolutely critical, as we cross from fear to faith.

Believe it or not, just the simple daily self-talk of stating something like: “I am a Super-Human and easily overcome challenges – I am not bullied by fear!” will have a massive, positive knock-on effect to all our lives.

Without being overly-scientific, we each have neuro-peptide chemicals in our brain; these are molecules of emotion – like fear, love & passion – that circulate throughout our whole body, depending on the ‘command’ we give to them. So, let’s seriously begin to take control and send out some life-changing signals, starting with…

Coronavirus Be Gone: You Are Not The Master – I Am!