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Have you ever experienced that feeling of hurt – maybe even betrayal – when someone who you considered to be your best friend, let you down badly, and left the relationship in tatters; all trust had gone?

Of course, there is always the counter-argument that we must always be aware of the ‘trap of expectation’, and more specifically, not to expect anything, from anyone; because they’ll only end up letting us down, right?

Deeper Dive: taking this a step further, it’s reasonable to assume that by creating a mindset where we expect disappointment, then that’s exactly what we’ll get; it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The key focus here, is mindset; or to be more specific…mind.

So who can we really trust – who is our best friend when we strip everything right back to the bare bones?

The Learning

One thing I’ve experienced and reflected upon, over decades – on my journey from pain to prosperity – is the more we factor-in external unknowns, the greater the risk of uncertainty, disappointment, and potentially being left feeling isolated or even betrayed.

So to make our world more certain, we need to start to take control back; by dealing with the things we CAN influence, and letting go of the things we can’t.

The ‘secret’ here, is to work with our own mind; learning that it is an incredibly powerful mechanism, which if we learn how to use effectively – a bit like a super-computer – can serve us; rather than we serve it.

After all, you wouldn’t expect a tail to wag a dog; so why do we allow our own mind to often dictate, and bully us?

Therefore, does that mean we let go of all our friends? Of course not, but it does mean – through a new, higher level of awareness – we learn to trust ourselves more, and embrace a new, loving ‘friendship’. In effect, we become our own best friend.

Begs the question… ‘Who’s your best friend?’