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For many years, I held this belief, not understanding where it came from or indeed, even questioning if was actually true. The reality was completely different however, once that belief was actually tested, some years ago

Having acquired a kitten from a cat sanctuary – for a family member – I found myself being warmly drawn towards the young feline; appreciative of its natural independent traits yet at the same time, embracing its endearing vulnerability.

The ‘soft’ testing of my previously ingrained belief was nothing compared to the sledgehammer effect I would subsequently feel as a result of losing this enigmatic animal just over 4 months later, due to it being hit by a car – I was totally devastated!

This emotional outcome instigated a reflective reminder about how I could have had such a deep-rooted belief and yet – when it was actually tested – reacted in such a way that was totally incongruent to that same belief.

The result was the answer lay in one simple word – conditioning. It may have been something as basic as a cat scratching me when I was young that allowed my initial misleading belief to go unchecked and fester.

Liken it – if you will – to weeds in a potentially beautiful garden. A floating negative seed eventually becomes embedded in the fertile soil of our mind; progressing to produce deeper, strangling roots.

Conversely, if we constantly cultivate our minds – ensuring negative seeds are not allowed to take root and grow – we create only beautiful, self-serving beliefs; ones that contribute towards a vibrant area for positive growth.

Begs the question…what beliefs do you have, that may be holding you back? Are you constantly ‘weeding-out’ certain non-serving beliefs?

There’s a train of thought that offers ‘what we believe, we become’. Time for ‘gardening’…