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Interesting isn’t it, how something as beautiful as the topic of ‘Being And Doing’, can be represented by a contrasting acronym of BAD?

Similarly – with something as powerfully good as Making A Difference – the simple 3-letter word of MAD, reflects a totally different image.

Then add-in the uncertainty about whether or not it was actually Ghandi that first coined the phrase ‘Be the change you want to see in the world…

All of a sudden, a seemingly simple blog like this then runs the risk of just becoming a confusing, pointless word-driven exercise.

Therein lies a very important life lesson for us all – let’s keep things really simple! By doing so, we can surely alleviate much of the everyday chaos that prevails in our cluttered minds.

Imagine if we could start to take that control back of our own lives – learning to simply ‘Be’ again – how much more peaceful life would be? So what stops us doing just that? In its most simplistic form, the answer is fear – fear of not being enough; of not having enough.

Maybe if we could embrace more self-acceptance, and self-observation, things would dramatically improve…

Maybe if we came to understand that fear actually goes hand-in-hand with lack, and we already have everything we need within us; we don’t need to seek external validation through material things, money or relationships.

In one of my ‘Speaking From Our HEARTS’ podcast episodes (#208), I had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with Lene Nielsen; where she created the space for me to reflect on my own life, and the many diverse experiences that had unfolded.

We explored the simplicity of ‘Being’ – as well as the necessity for its contrasting partner, ‘Doing’ – as we concluded that whatever stance we take in life, there is always the need for balance.

So begs the question… ‘Are you BAD; are you MAD, and most importantly, are you making changes in life to the one thing you really can control – YOU?