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In a technologically-driven world where it is so easy to tap in to a multitude of life-enhancing resources, the three things that we as humans still crave more than ever, are time, love and money.  So let’s stop and consider this trio of all-important ‘assets’.

Time is something that seems to evade us all; how many times do we hear people say ‘There aren’t enough hours in a day’ or ‘I ran out of time’.  Isn’t the reality that time is something we perceive in our own individual, subjective thoughts – the universal truth being, time is time and remains ever-constant in its own unique way?

Time is one of the all-conquering masters that underpin all our lives, and perhaps it would be wise, if we learnt to accept that it will not alter its way, just because we think we are ‘busy’.

Love… so where do we even start with this one?  At the risk of over-simplifying things, there is much emphasis these days, on the need for self-love first.  In terms of my often-dark, tortuous journey – from pain to prosperity – self-love (as well as self-acceptance and self-forgiveness) has been one of the more powerful contributors on my healing journey.

Love – like everything else in our life – is a ‘resource’ that can be found within; we don’t need to be compromised by giving our power away, and seeking external emotional ‘solutions’.  I have come to know, that by being love-rich, I then have an emotional abundance to pass on to beings that I choose to share with.

‘Money is the root of all evil!’ or so the old saying goes.  It’s not!  It’s merely a currency for acquiring the things in life that we want or need.

Isn’t the extremely stark reality though, that money – probably more than any other resource – is the primary cause of fear in the vast majority of the world’s population; going hand-in-hand with another crippling factor, lack?

Maybe it’s time to reflect on the three vital aspects of time, love and money and metaphorically see time and money as slices of bread, with the rich, life-sustaining filling in the sandwich, being love – particularly self-love…?

So begs the question – to quote the title from a time-honored and well-loved song… ‘Three coins in a fountain – which one will you choose?’